The project raised in this proposal addresses the safety issues arising in children between seven and twelve years old when travelling as motorcycle passengers. This group of children can circulate as passenger on a motorcycle or moped exceptionally for the purpose of solving a problem of urban mobility, but this result in a penalty of safety.

For these children is sometimes difficult to find a gripping point on the motorcycle. If the adult morphology is above the average (size or weight) the child is unable to hold on to the waist of the adult. In these situations, the child seeks other points, such as adult trouser loops that can break and cause the fall of the child. The greatest risk of injury or death arises in this situation. If the child falls off the motorcycle, the risk of impacting against the ground or other vehicle behind the motorcycle with the back is higher. Therefore, the project seeks solutions to two problems observed during transportation of children from 7 years old in two-wheelers vehicles:

On one hand, the improper attachment of the children due to the lack of elements specifically designed for proper retention in the vehicle, which is one of the reasons of accidental falls when transporting children in these vehicles.

On the other hand, to reduce the impact severity that results from a fall of the kid or a traffic accident.



Applus IDIADA at 22nd ITS World Congress

Applus IDIADA will be participating in the 22nd ITS World Congress that will be held in Congrès et Expositions of Bordeaux from October 5th to 9th

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