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Integrated safety

Applus IDIADA is developing harmonized and standardized assessment procedures and related tools for selected integrated safety systems in the fields of expertise: Autonomous driving; ADAS; PNCAP; testing and development of chassis control systems; pre-crash systems; crash compatibility; child safety; whiplash, HMI.

Related projects

AsPeCSS: Assessment methodologies for forward looking integrated pedestrian and further extension to cyclists safety systems

To improve protection of pedestrians and cyclists by developing harmonized test and assessment procedures for forward looking integrated pedestrian safety systems. The implementation of such procedures will enforce introduction of such systems in the vehicle fleet, resulting in a significant reduction of fatalities (30% pedestrians; 20% cyclists) and seriously injured (50% pedestrians; 20% cyclists)

RE-TYRE: Classification of REtreaded truck TYres in order to comply with future environmental performance and safety REquirements

The overall objective is to find a scientifically sound and cost effective methodology for classification of retreaded truck tyres in order to comply with future environmental performance and safety requirements

eVALUE: Test and evaluation methods for ICT-based safety systems

Development of testing and evaluation methods for active safety systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

CASPER: Child Advanced Safety Project for European Roads

Definition of new injury mechanisms and development of new human body models and testing methods for child safety in cars

EPOCh: Enabling Protection for Older Children

Development of the human body model Q10/Q12 representing a 10/12 year old child Q-series dummy

ASSESS: Assessment of Integrated Vehicle Safety Systems for improved vehicle safety

Development of testing and assessment methods for pre-crash integrated vehicle safety systems

FIMCAR: Frontal Impact and Compatibility Assessment Research

Development of a testing method to assess compatibility of vehicles in front crashes

SARTRE: SAfer Road TRains for the Environment

Development of a system facilitating the adoption of road trains on unmodified public highways where a lead vehicle takes responsibility for a platoon while followers are in semi-autonomous control mode

ActiveTest: Dissemination of performance testing methods for ICT-based safety functions in road vehicles

The project has the objective of disseminating performance testing methods for ICT-based safety functions in road vehicles by demonstrating performance testing of ICT-based safety functions, establishing an active dialogue with key stakeholders, groups, compiling an outlook for future research need and contacting standardization organizations for road vehicles with research results


Applus IDIADA at 22nd ITS World Congress

Applus IDIADA will be participating in the 22nd ITS World Congress that will be held in Congrès et Expositions of Bordeaux from October 5th to 9th

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