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Our strategic objective is to be recognized as the most innovative and client-oriented company of all those that render engineering and homologation services to the automotive industry worldwide.

Applus IDIADA has been growing since it was created around 30 years ago. We are now 1.800 employees and having presence in 23 different countries. We want to be close to our clients in order to give them the premium engineering service they expect.

The development of our employees represents a driving force for the constant improvement of our company allowing us to become an asset to our clients.

Our competencies

Creativity: Able to propose new ideas and create innovative solutions that respond to any challenges that may arise .

Client orientation: Able to detect the needs of the client, understand them, and satisfy them with appropriate solutions.

Proactiveness: Able to control situations and influence them so that the desired end is achieved.

Passion for work well done: Able to carry out the tasks entrusted perfectly and on time.

Leadership: Able to attract and develop collaborators who take on delegated responsibilities and carry them out faithfully.

Co-operation: Able to work in a team towards the attainment of common goals.


Do you want to start your career at Applus IDIADA?

We are looking for highly motivated, dynamic and proactive students who are looking forward to implementing their knowledge and having the opportunity to know how a reference automotive engineering and international expanding company works.

What do we offer?

You will have the opportunity to collaborate in innovative projects in the department you join, working closely with professionals with proven experience who will help you to apply your knowledge in a dynamic and constantly evolving company.

This time with us will enable you to gain professional experience that will add value at the beginning of your career, which we hope you could continue with us.

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Our commitment

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